Existential Death

I wanted to check in as we near the mid point of August and let you all know about a new project I’m excited to be a part of. Vigilantes Make Us Safe has transitioned to publishing multiple times a week and I’m excited to say we are now releasing four days a week. Next month that will increase to five as we’ll launch a new series, Toxic. I hope you look forward to it. If you read Serenity you’ve already met DeMarcus Dodson but I’ll have a little more to say about him and Toxic later this month.

A fellow web publisher, Rev Fitz (M.P. Fitzgerald), the writer of Existential Terror and Breakfast, recently invited web serialists to submit for a project he wanted to put together. Our stories could be most anything we wanted but they had to have one thing which would link them together. Everyone in the story would have to die. I was immediately intrigued by the idea and set about writing a story I ended up titling 1953. This story is set in the world of Vigilantes Make Us Safe but is set in a period I’ve provided very little detail about. If you’ve checked out the Introduction to the series on our table of contents you’ll find some information about the 1940s and this period was briefly referenced in Serenity but only in the vaguest terms.

1953 stands on its own and isn’t meant to be required reading for fans of Vigilantes Make Us Safe as it is designed to appeal to people who don’t read our story. That said, it does mention a familiar face for people who read our story in depth and I certainly hope you’ll enjoy it.

1953 will be published in two weeks on August 24th on Rev Fitz’ website. I’ll add it to our table of contents, linking to where it is hosted. I hope you’ll check it out. Two other stories in the series are currently out and more will be published each week. You can check out Rainy Days by Rhythm, the author of Touch and Scourge by Re’Sheet Schultz, the author of Codex, now. I hope you will.

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