Serenity Vol. 1 Scale the Mountain Part 24

Coming home to her parents bloody and bruised goes about as well as Jia would expect. Her mom mostly takes it in stride and tells her to be more careful next time. Her dad flips out after suppressing his rage for weeks. He’s fed up with his daughter putting herself in this sort of danger. He actually threatens to kick her out of the house if she doesn’t quit being a vigilante but her mom talks him out of it.

About a week later her mom knocks on the door of her room to check on her. Jia’s sitting at her computer doing research and trying to heal. She hasn’t been out since that night. She’s refused to quit but she did promise her dad she’d at least take a break while she started to heal. “How’s your face doing?”

Jia rubs at her bandage. “It’s alright I guess, healing. Itches like hell though.”

“I know the feeling. Try a cold compress on it. Trust me, it helps. A bath can be a big help too with stitches but that won’t quite work on your face.”

Jia’s eyebrow raises. “Sounds like you know from experience.”

Her mom sits down on the edge of her bed behind her. She rolls her sleeve up and points at her forearm. There’s a faint scar there. “You see that? I got it when I tried to stop a crazy guy running around dressed like a dog. He stabbed me with fake claws.”

Jia stifles a laugh. “Why would anyone dress up like a dog?”

“Hell if I know, some people are crazy. Most of the eccentric types hung it up years ago. You used to see a lot more of them. I just wanted to check on you and let you know that when you’re ready, I have a few more techniques I’d like to pass on. I said you weren’t ready before but I think you’re getting there. I know you’re still healing but we’ll get to it when you’re better.”

“That sounds awesome mom, but I might have to take a trip for a little while. Not sure yet but I’m looking into some things for Shin.”

“Do I want to know what happened at that bar and why he was with you that night?”

Jia fidgets and looks away. “Probably not.”

“Let’s leave it at that then. Where would you be going?”

“Just San Francisco, maybe for a few weeks. It’s not a sure thing yet, still doing some research. If I go it probably won’t be for a few more weeks.”

Her mom gets up and walks behind her daughter. She gives her a hug from behind. “You’ll be ready. I’m going to make sure of it.”

Part 23

Volume 2 Going Under Starts December 21st



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