Red Line: The Future Part 2

When the Chance sisters’ father comes home that night he finds his wife bawling on the couch as her two daughters try to console her. The look he directs at his daughters is icy, his eyes narrow and his eyebrows rise. “What did you do to upset your mother?”

Melissa smiles and tries to look confident. “We went and signed up for the military dad. Mom doesn’t like it.”

Tara cringes, expecting an explosion. Their dad grins instead. “Wait, you’re telling me my daughters have decided to serve their country?” Both girls give slight nods. He runs over to his wife. “What are you crying about? This is a cause for celebration. Our daughters are going to be heroes.”

Their mom looks up, her eyes wide. “How can you be excited at a time like this? Our girls are going to end up dead.”

“Oh please, we haven’t had a shooting war in almost ten years. They’ll get good training and be safe.” He lowers his voice. “Not to mention we’re going to have two less mouths to feed around here and two more rooms available. I know you’ve been wanting a knitting room.”

He tried to be quiet but Melissa picked up every word. She cringes. Their dad’s never been that interested in his kids but using their being gone as his attempt to cheer their mom up is bad even for him. “Mom, I promise we’ll do what we can to stay safe. This is a good job and a chance to do something with our lives. Don’t you want that? We might even be picked for a special project.”

Their dad shoots up and walks over to his youngest daughter. “What sort of project?”

“They didn’t give us a lot of details but there’s some special project they want us for. Maybe. We’ll get a call if we’re picked. It seemed like a big deal.”

Glancing down at himself, their dad looks surprised. “This calls for a celebration. Let me get out of these overalls and into a decent pair of jeans. We’re going out to celebrate. Somewhere decent. You can even get a steak if you want.”

As he rushes upstairs Tara rolls her eyes. He’s seemingly forgotten all about his wife who’s still bawling away. She walks upstairs grudgingly. It could be worse. Tonight she’s definitely having steak.

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Part 3


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