Time Marches On… and Brings Us the Future

I hope everyone here is continuing to enjoy Vigilantes Make Us Safe. Our readership has exploded in recent weeks thanks to being listed on Web Fiction Guide and Top Web Fiction. I’m very grateful for this and for all of our new readers. You’re here at an interesting time though as many of our original stories are currently on hiatus. You can certainly use this time to catch up on their first volumes though as next month we’ll start releasing their second volumes.

I have a few updates to provide. You may have noticed that Dynamo’s first volume ended last week. I hope you enjoyed how we ended it. Some things were solved while things were admittedly left a bit open. Volume 2 will pick up not long after this when it returns on February 14th. My Valentine’s Day gift to you.

As one series ends two new ones begin. The Law began on the 20th and we’ve got two parts up now. Those who have read the first volume of Rebel Rebel will remember Martina Alvarez, the star of our new series. She’s the second character to spin out of one series and take on a life of their own. I’m enjoying the opportunity to write a second series in Chicago where I call home.

Red Line started just a few days earlier on November 18th. This is the longest series I’ve released yet releasing in 40 parts. Unlike most of the others I’ve released though it is not an ongoing series. This is a limited series with an end planned from day one. It starts 20 years ago in 1998 and is very much rooted in a specific time and place entering the early Aughts. This period had a strong effect on my life and I wrote this in part to express some things about that period and what it’s done to the world. While this won’t be continuing to a second volume, the characters and situations here will matter a great deal to our ongoing story moving forward so I highly recommend you read it. It will set up our first big crossover set for late next year.

We’re only about three and a half weeks from the return of Serenity which I’m excited about. What comes next for Jia was set up at the end of volume one but we’ll dive in head first. Hitbox will also be back at the very end of next month.

Finally I have an update on something I’ve mentioned here in the past. Physical editions of our stories. I had hoped to have finished preparations for them in time to get them out before the holidays but the last month has proved busy both with the increased traffic here and with my participation in National Novel Writing Month where I wrote a fantasy novel unrelated to our ongoing universe. I’ll share more details of that if the time comes but because of this physical copies won’t be ready in time. We certainly haven’t given up on releasing them though and I hope to have them ready by February, aka tax season. I’ll share more details when available.


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