Red Line: The Future Part 3

No call ever comes about the special project though thankfully no call comes from the soldier either. Soon they’re being pushed into boot camp. Long days of pushing every muscle in their bodies to their limits turn to long nights in the nearly empty women’s barracks. The facility’s huge but there’s very few women enlisting in their unit. They’re nearly fifty miles from home and Melissa has rarely been further. Tara only was during her brief college try. They spend a lot of time talking about their parents and their little brother Frank. Melissa feels terribly homesick despite having her sister at her side and tries to call home as often as she can. The phones on base are always busy though and the long distance fees add up so fast that even their mother asks them to limit the calls.

The few other girls in boot camp try to make friends but Tara tends to scare them away at every opportunity. Melissa tries winning them back and she makes headway with a few but then Tara comes along and she’s back to square one. One of the girls pulls her aside. “Look, I don’t want to be mean, but your sister’s crazy. I was waiting for the shower when she got out this morning and she yelled at me for standing around and wasting time. What does my time have to do with her? You need to talk to her.”

She ignores the advice. Her sister comes before making friends. On a personal level their lives are difficult but training’s great. As they near the end of basic they’re excited to go home for a few weeks before transferring to their permanent base in Georgia. Their dad’s excited for them to be gone long enough that he can take over their rooms. All that’s left is to pass the graduation test. The first few tests are easy. After knocking them out without issue Melissa swears she sees her drill sergeant smile. It might be her imagination.

Part 2

Part 4

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