The Law Vol. 1 Serve or Protect Part 3

The partners drive most of the way back to the station without a word but as they near the station, Tate looks over at Martina. “What the hell are we going to tell the captain? We can’t exactly tell him we let the kid go.”

“We’ll position it differently, that we worked with him. That’s what they want with the vigilantes anyway. Not that hard. I’m getting really tired of all these new rules. They need to let us do our job.”

Making their way inside, the precinct’s a mad house tonight. At least it’s warm. Slipping out of their jackets, the partners start making their way through the crowd. They pass all manner of people here looking for help. Making their way to the captain’s office they hear story after story about vigilantes, and not the good they’re doing.

The captain’s secretary’s slumped at her desk looking exhausted this time of night. Tate leans over the desk and flashes his best smile. “Good evening Rosa my love. How are you doing tonight? Is that a new haircut? It looks great.”

Rosa’s in her mid 40s and has been the captain’s secretary for nearly a decade. Nobody gets in to see him without going through her. She can be nice if you’re on her good side but not everyone is. Tate’s flirtation is obvious and she knows he’s messing with her but she still enjoys it. Plus, she actually does have a new haircut and he’s the first person to notice tonight. “You’re sweet Brandon. Go take a seat somewhere. I’ll let you know when I can get you in. It won’t be long.”

Flopping his way into a seat, Tate grabs a magazine. Alvarez chooses to stand, taking the moment to check her phone. She stares at him with a look of sadness. “I’m so glad you don’t pull that shit with me.”

“Well I would, but the one time I tried you punched me so hard I almost passed out. Besides, who flirts with their grandma?”

Alvarez punches him hard in the shoulder in response. “For someone who doesn’t want to get punched, you say a lot of things that get you punched.”

“I’m funny that way.” He rubs his shoulder. Martina can throw a punch.

Leaning against the wall, Alvarez closes her eyes and tries to rest her mind. There’s too much going on around her though. Off in the distance she hears one of their officers say, “Look, we’ve been over this every time you’ve come in. We don’t have any control over them. They’re authorized to do whatever they feel is necessary. If you like we can arrange a sit down so you can talk this out. We’ve told you this every time you’ve come in here. The options haven’t changed and they’re not going to.”

A man with a bit of an accent stomps his feet, throwing his hands in the air. “Why would we want to sit down with these monsters? He asked me to put my mouth on his gun. Does that sound like a reasonable man? Does that sound like someone who we’re going to talk it out with and then go out for coffee? You’re job is to protect people isn’t it?”

“You’re preaching to the choir man. The vigilantes can do what they want though. We don’t control them. I know it sucks and believe me, I wish we had more options. That’s the best we can do at the moment.”

“This is ridiculous. Come on Assa, let’s get out of here.” Alvarez opens her eyes just in time to see the couple storm out. The man looks around her age and the woman with him looks a few years younger, though from this angle her head scarf blocks how much she can see of the woman.

After a few more minutes of hearing people scream at their officers Rosa waives them over. The captain sits behind his desk looking exhausted. His tie’s off and his hat’s hanging half off his desk. It’s going on eleven and he was supposed to be out of here an hour ago. From the stack of paperwork piled on his desk, it doesn’t look like his day’s close to over. “Alvarez, Tate, hope you’re having a good night. How’s your dad doing Alvarez?”

“I think he’s doing fine captain, but I’m probably not the best person to ask. Haven’t talked to him for a few weeks. You know how many hours he puts in, hard to find time. Anyway, I don’t want to take up too much of your time but we need a warrant fast tracked if we can. Place called Lovely Lovely Flowers we were sent tonight on a call. There were reports of a shooting. When we showed up they claimed there had been a break in but the guy had gotten away. I checked with my sources though and found evidence they’re being used as a front to move drugs. Take a look at these.”

She slides her phone across his desk so he can see the pictures the vigilante sent her. He scrolls through them. “These aren’t bad, but they’re not enough for a warrant without someone willing to speak to them. You know how easy it is to fake pictures nowadays. Someone could easily have put those logos on.”

“Captain, I saw the boxes when we were in there. These are legit, I’d bet anything on it. The longer we wait, the more time they have to scrub the place. We need to get in there now.”

“Why didn’t you investigate them further when you were there?”

She sighs, wishing she had a better answer to that. “We chased after the supposed robber. He wasn’t a robber though, he was a vigilante and he’s our source.”

His eyes perk up but he’s still fighting to suppress a yawn. “Is he willing to testify about these? Did you bring him in?”


“Didn’t think so. We need more than just some pictures. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to a judge with this. It won’t get through. Especially not after I got a memo tonight that we’re to leave that place alone.”

Blinking a few times in disbelief, Alvarez is about to speak up but her partner beats her to it. “Wait, captain, are you saying someone’s specifically asking us to leave this random flower shop alone? Isn’t that weird?”

“Of course it is Tate, but apparently the owner is old friends with the superintendent and she felt bothered by you two showing up. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble or anything. Without stronger evidence though, we’re going to be running into a buzz saw on this one. I need you to let this go.”

Snatching her phone off the captain’s desk, Alvarez storms out of his office. Tate’s a little behind her but eventually follows. “Where are you going grandma?”

“To talk to someone who actually wants to enforce the law and not just follow orders. You coming?”

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