Toxic Vol. 1 Susceptible States Part 15

Ten minutes go by and nothing happens. DeMarcus knows there have to be a lot scared scientists upstairs to deal with but he kind of figured they’d be down here by now. Thinking about Alexis and Layla safe upstairs makes him happy and he doesn’t have to tell himself to feel that way. He hopes some of the other guards survived. He knows it’s a long shot but the only attacker he asked about them wasn’t sure they were dead. Maybe someone made it. They gave him a chance to get started. He’d love the chance to thank them.

Another eight minutes pass before he hears a door bang open in the distance. Someone scuttles forward. “Clear!”

Someone’s coming down the hallway right outside this office. DeMarcus pulls his feet down. “I’m in here. Don’t shoot, name’s DeMarcus Dodson. I’ve been working with Grady on the phone to get this place open.”

A man in tactical gear fills the doorway. Two more wearing the same follow him. “Put your hands up sir, just for security you understand.” The man grabs his walkie talkie. “We found him sir, he’s hurt but safe.”

Raising his arms in the air hurts, his left wrist hangs limp. “Do I really need to do that? This hurts like hell.”

“I understand sir. We’ll make it quick. That computer terminal there opens the doors down here, correct?”

“Ya, it’s pretty easy. I’m already logged in. Just select the downstairs locks and enter the password. It’s in the texts on the phone sitting on the desk.”

“Excellent sir, I appreciate it. I’m told there’s still some people we need to watch out for?”

“Ya, three attackers are locked up in the president’s office. The president and a couple other employees are safe in a door five to the right of there. A few of the attackers are still in the storage area if you want to grab them.”

“Sounds good, we’ll make sure to handle it. Can you stand up and step away from the computer for me?”

Doing as he’s asked, DeMarcus stands and moves aside. There’s now a ton of men in tactical gear running through the hall in the direction of the other offices. “Can you tell me more about the people upstairs? Is everyone okay? Did any of the other guards make it?”

“I’m afraid I don’t have those details sir but we’ll try to get them for you when we can. Can you turn around for me?” Once again DeMarcus does what the man asks, facing away. He feels someone start to frisk him and rolls his eyes. After all of this you’d think they’d realize he’s on their side.

As they finish he expects them to let him put his hands down. Instead he feels a hand slip over his face and something being shoved into his mouth. He can’t say a word before it’s forced completely inside. He tries to spit it out but it’s too large and a hand covers his mouth to make it even harder. He starts to feel light headed. The last thing he hears is, “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry about this.”

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