Rebel Rebel Vol. 2 Heroes of the City Part 6

Pushing the man’s hand away, Ryaan’s in no mood to deal with them. He tries to stand tall, projecting as much confidence as he can muster. “Attacker’s gone. What is it with Chicago and all of these terrible names?”

Looking to his partner, Jimmy’s shoulders slump a little. “What terrible names? Hope you’re not referring to us because we’re famous. People are running around wearing Goggles because of us.”

Nodding Ryaan leans forward. “Yet if they knew what you’re really like they’d be ashamed of you. Enjoy your crappy merchandise while you can. The rest of the city’s going to figure out what you’re like soon. Our area already knows.”

Billy’s hand goes to his gun but Jimmy turns to him and casually shakes his head no. They’re in a park filled with police and cameras. Shooting down the man who just saved their lives probably wouldn’t look good. Instead he turns to Ryaan and smirks. “Fine by us, if you take off we’ll get even more of the credit.”

Snorting as he walks away, Ryaan can only grin. “Not if they have eyes. Wonder how many cameras caught your part of the fight. Spin it all you want, but if they can watch it, people are going to know you didn’t do anything. I don’t have to stand around and tell them.”

Watching over his shoulder, Ryaan’s relieved when none of the police follow him. He ducks around a corner and finds the port a potty area abandoned as most of the people around have run away or sought shelter. He slips inside and locks the door. He quickly starts stripping out of his suit, stuffing it into his backpack. The awful smell he’s locked inside with makes him hurry to get his shirt and pants back on. He doesn’t bother changing his shoes.

Slipping out, he runs toward the city which looms over them. He pulls his cell phone from his bag and tries his sister Nadia’s phone. It rings only once before going to voicemail. He starts to worry. He raced off to try and keep everyone safe, including his sisters. Did he put them in danger instead? Another call to the number gets the same result.

Trying Mina’s phone number instead, the phone rings twice before he gets an answer. “Hello?” Her voice is ragged and worn out. It sounds like she’s been running.

“Where are you all? I’m near the buildings down toward the museum.”

Mina gives him directions to a sub shop about a half mile down the road. Slipping inside, he finds the three girls gathered at a table sharing a single medium drink. He rushes to the table and wraps his little sisters in a huge hug. While their faces are facing away he turns to Mina and mouths the words, “Thank you.”

She nods but doesn’t say anything. He pulls himself away from his sisters after a moment and turns to Nadia. “Why didn’t you answer when I called?”

Reaching into her pocket, Nadia pulls out her cell phone. It’s smashed and has no power. “I got shoved to the ground when everyone ran. The first time. Landed on it. Dad’s going to be mad, isn’t he?”

Shaking his head, Ryaan takes the phone from her and looks it over. “He’s going to mostly be glad you’re okay. What did he say when you called him?” The three girls quickly glance between each other, their eyes going wide. “Wait, you did call him, right?”

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