Red Line: The Future Part 16

A week later Melissa’s laying on a cold metal bed in only a hospital gown. She’s in a private room on the second level of the facility, alone except for her sister sitting in a chair across the room. She’s still mad at Tara but she’s apologized enough that she agreed to let her be here today. She knows Wyatt and Kurt are in rooms on the same floor so she isn’t completely alone but right now she doesn’t feel close to either of them. She’s annoyed with Wyatt and mad at Kurt. He’s tried to apologize and she’ll forgive him eventually but eventually hasn’t come yet.

Her knee’s circled with a marker as a reminder to the scientists to watch how it responds. They considered doing her surgery before the serum’s administered but after going back and forth for days the scientists agreed to try it this way. They want to see how her body responds without it. They can always go in and do the surgery later but the biggest reason to do it is to strengthen the surrounding area and to avoid deterioration of the knee later. If the formula works like they hope those might not be concerns for her.

At three o’clock on the dot when the procedure’s set to begin Stan walks in. Sook and two other scientists she doesn’t recognize flank him. She’s up first with Kurt set to go at four and Wyatt last at five. The actual procedure’s quick. They inject her with the two parts of the serum simultaneously and then monitor her vitals closely for the next hour. When it really starts to take effect she’ll probably lose consciousness but that should only last a few hours. When she wakes up she should already start to feel the changes, though some changes may take a few days to start showing up.

Sook takes one syringe and Stan has another. He smiles at her and promises to make this quick. Tara walks to the side of the bed and grabs for her hand but she isn’t sure she wants that right now. She’s still mad. Tara uses both her hands to get a good grip though. “Hey, not now. You can be mad at me again when you wake up. Right now I’m your sister and I’m here for you.”

She slowly nods and holds her sister’s hand. One of the needles is positioned directly over her heart. It won’t be puncturing the heart since that would kill her but they’re putting it into the sack surrounding it. They want to get it into her blood stream fast and that’s the best way they’ve found. This has to be immediate or the risk goes way up. The other needle goes into her arm and she’s much less afraid of that one but it still makes her cringe. Both needles are huge. She’s always hated needles.

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, not wanting to see the needles coming. Seconds before they go in Tara squeezes her hand a little tighter. She loves her for being there but right now she hates her a little for giving it away. The pain in her chest is strong but it doesn’t last long. The needles are removed and Stan starts examining her chest to make sure they didn’t puncture anything that’s going to be an issue. There’s pain but she thinks it’s okay.

Squeezing her hand tighter, Tara gets close to her face. “How do you feel? Are you okay?”

“I feel okay I guess, that hurt but I’m alright.” A few minutes pass as they sit there. The scientists step back, monitoring her charts. Every so often one of them will smile at her and tell her everything looks good. “I’m starting to get sleepy.”

Most of the group ignores it but Sook smiles at her. “Don’t worry about that, it’s normal. Go to sleep if you want. You’ll wake up in a few hours feeling amazing.”

Taking them up on her offer, Melissa smiles at her sister and slowly closes her eyes. She decides to count down from ten to see how long she lasts. She never even makes it to nine.

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