I write this with sadness but also in the interests of transparency. In recent months I’ve struggled to continue Vigilantes Make Us Safe. After dedicating several years to this project, I find my creativity within it has ground to a halt. Whenever I sit down to write something I find myself unable to find interesting new angles. It seems I’m either treading ground I’ve previously covered or dragging myself through the few new ideas I have.

This has been made worse by the fact that I haven’t gone completely dead creatively. I have ideas which flow quite well on other projects. As a result I find myself trying to drag through this project with time I could better spend on other projects.

A reckoning against this is necessary and I have to be honest with myself and with you, whose viewership I greatly appreciate. As a result, I need a good, long break. This isn’t forever. This project and these characters mean too much to me. We will get through it together. I need a break though and a month isn’t cutting it. My tentative plan is to return at the start of 2020. Our story is timely and I have a feeling that 2020 will be a critical year for this country. I will post a more exact date of return when we get closer. Until then, please check out our story, share it with friends, get caught up. I appreciate every one of you who has read this.

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