I write this with sadness but also in the interests of transparency. In recent months I’ve struggled to continue Vigilantes Make Us Safe. After dedicating several years to this project, I find my creativity within it has ground to a halt. Whenever I sit down to write something I find myself unable to find interesting new angles. It seems I’m either treading ground I’ve previously covered or dragging myself through the few new ideas I have.

This has been made worse by the fact that I haven’t gone completely dead creatively. I have ideas which flow quite well on other projects. As a result I find myself trying to drag through this project with time I could better spend on other projects.

A reckoning against this is necessary and I have to be honest with myself and with you, whose viewership I greatly appreciate. As a result, I need a good, long break. This isn’t forever. This project and these characters mean too much to me. We will get through it together. I need a break though and a month isn’t cutting it. My tentative plan is to return at the start of 2020. Our story is timely and I have a feeling that 2020 will be a critical year for this country. I will post a more exact date of return when we get closer. Until then, please check out our story, share it with friends, get caught up. I appreciate every one of you who has read this.

Time Marches On… and Brings Us the Future

I hope everyone here is continuing to enjoy Vigilantes Make Us Safe. Our readership has exploded in recent weeks thanks to being listed on Web Fiction Guide and Top Web Fiction. I’m very grateful for this and for all of our new readers. You’re here at an interesting time though as many of our original stories are currently on hiatus. You can certainly use this time to catch up on their first volumes though as next month we’ll start releasing their second volumes.

I have a few updates to provide. You may have noticed that Dynamo’s first volume ended last week. I hope you enjoyed how we ended it. Some things were solved while things were admittedly left a bit open. Volume 2 will pick up not long after this when it returns on February 14th. My Valentine’s Day gift to you.

As one series ends two new ones begin. The Law began on the 20th and we’ve got two parts up now. Those who have read the first volume of Rebel Rebel will remember Martina Alvarez, the star of our new series. She’s the second character to spin out of one series and take on a life of their own. I’m enjoying the opportunity to write a second series in Chicago where I call home.

Red Line started just a few days earlier on November 18th. This is the longest series I’ve released yet releasing in 40 parts. Unlike most of the others I’ve released though it is not an ongoing series. This is a limited series with an end planned from day one. It starts 20 years ago in 1998 and is very much rooted in a specific time and place entering the early Aughts. This period had a strong effect on my life and I wrote this in part to express some things about that period and what it’s done to the world. While this won’t be continuing to a second volume, the characters and situations here will matter a great deal to our ongoing story moving forward so I highly recommend you read it. It will set up our first big crossover set for late next year.

We’re only about three and a half weeks from the return of Serenity which I’m excited about. What comes next for Jia was set up at the end of volume one but we’ll dive in head first. Hitbox will also be back at the very end of next month.

Finally I have an update on something I’ve mentioned here in the past. Physical editions of our stories. I had hoped to have finished preparations for them in time to get them out before the holidays but the last month has proved busy both with the increased traffic here and with my participation in National Novel Writing Month where I wrote a fantasy novel unrelated to our ongoing universe. I’ll share more details of that if the time comes but because of this physical copies won’t be ready in time. We certainly haven’t given up on releasing them though and I hope to have them ready by February, aka tax season. I’ll share more details when available.

What Comes Next?

Those of you paying attention may have noticed something special about this week. For those of you who haven’t been watching closely that’s okay, I’m here to bring you the latest.

This week three of our ongoing series will be completing their first volumes with the release of part 24 of Hitbox and Serenity and part 21 of Rebel Rebel. I’m excited that you’ll now be able to read the entire first volumes and see how we bring these to a close. For those of you getting a weekly fix though and who are paying attention I’m sure you have a question on your minds. (For those who weren’t paying attention, I guess you’re probably thinking this now too)

What comes next?

I’m excited to say the answer is a lot. Let’s start with the obvious. Dynamo still has four more weeks to complete volume one after this week and Toxic’s first volume is still in the early days. These two series will continue to release every week. If you’ve only been following one or two of our series I would encourage you to check out another. These two are great options if you’re enjoying a weekly release or you can binge a completed volume.

For the next few weeks you’ll have to live with these two series releasing but never fear. We have more content coming your way. In November we’ll be releasing two brand new series. The first is The Law starring Martina Alvarez. For those of you following Rebel Rebel you’ve already met her but for those who haven’t, Martina’s a single mother and a Police Officer in Chicago trying to keep the peace while dealing with vigilantes who the cops can’t always control. Exploring another side of VMUS is something I’m excited about. The Law’s first volume will start November 20th and come out every Tuesday.

That’s not the only series launching in November though. On November 18th we’ll be launching a single volume series called Red. This takes us back in time to the late 90s where sisters Melissa and Tara Chance volunteered to serve their country in a time when vigilantism was down and powered individuals were all but unheard of. This is not an ongoing series. While Volume One will actually be longer than our traditional volumes at a full 40 parts instead of stopping at 24, when it ends it will be done. It will however lead into something much bigger which we’re not quite ready to announce yet.

For those who have come to love Ryaan Asfour, Zach Thomas and Jia Crawford I have great news as well but you’re going to have to be a little patient. When a volume ends we aren’t going to dive right into the next. Giving our various series time to breathe is important to let new readers catch up and it makes sure I don’t burn out or run out of ideas. All three of these characters will be getting a volume 2 though. Serenity will be the first to return and she’ll actually get a few more installments this year. She returns on December 21st. Hitbox will bring Zach Thomas back into your lives in time to help celebrate the new year when he returns on December 31st. Rebel Rebel will show the fallout from the ending of volume 1 when it returns on January 16th.

I know I’ve brought you a lot of information and I appreciate you sticking with me. Beyond that I have big plans to release these three books in full volumes and make physical versions available before the end of 2017. Hopefully in time to make a great present for your holiday celebrations. We may be able to get Dynamo’s complete first volume out this year as well but don’t hold me to it. It will come.

I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for reading. Vigilantes Making Us Safe wouldn’t be possible without you. Now I hope you enjoy the ending of these first volumes this week.

Minor update and thank you to the fans

This is A.M. Thorn and I just wanted to check in and provide a little update while thanking everyone who has read our titles since we started posting them here on the website last month. I’m very excited about where we’re headed and the response I’ve seen with extremely limited advertising. I’ll be pushing the title in a few more locations in the coming weeks but we’re in good shape.

Our first four titles are now underway here on the web site but those who have followed us closely know those were available previously as eBooks on Amazon Kindle. They still are as are the remaining parts of their first arcs for those who can’t wait.

This Friday though we’ll be launching a new title, Big City Beat, which hasn’t been featured anywhere else. One character briefly mentioned in Hitbox #5 is featured here but for those who haven’t read it yet (you know, like anyone waiting for it to be posted here), don’t worry, nothing is spoiled either way by reading this title.

Big City Beat follows our tradition of trying new things. For one, it’s shorter than you’d normally see here. Only a little over 2000 words as we try to see if that’s a better length for these releases and if so, if we need to look at how we can adapt our stories for this new format. It also won’t be an ongoing monthly title but a semi-annual where we’ll check in a few times a year. It’s a title we’ll mostly be using to fill in gaps but we’ll still be telling a story which I hope you’ll enjoy. For those of you who have followed our titles on Kindle, it’s something brand new to sink your teeth into. Currently I have no plans to publish Big City Beat on Kindle, though never say never, it could eventually show up in a collection. For now though it’s exclusive.

We have a lot more to come but this is the last series launching until September when Toxic hits as we’ll be focusing on Hitbox, Rebel Rebel, Serenity and Dynamo. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to more great titles.