All teenagers feel like they don’t fit in at times. Ryaan Asfour knows the feeling well. As part of an immigrant family in a country turning against immigrants, there’s a lot of people who don’t think he belongs.

The election of Richard Hughes and the passage of the Vigilantes Making Us Safe Act hasn’t helped matters. Suddenly anyone who wants to discriminate can just say they’re keeping people safe and do whatever they want.

Sudden popularity at school after hitting a game winning shot makes it even more apparent how much he doesn’t fit in with the rest of his world. A clash with a pair of vigilantes on his way home from school puts things in perspective. What can Ryaan do to protect his family and his neighborhood?

Rebel Rebel Vol 1

Rebel Rebel Volume 1: Define Success






Rebel Rebel Vol 1

Rebel Rebel Volume 2: Heroes of the City

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